It's Spring, and I Know That Because...

Frankly, the only reason I know that it's spring is because it was written on the calendar the other day.  With its sub-thirty temperatures and breath-stealing winds, winter seems determined to keep us in its clutches, at least for a little while longer.

And yet, underneath the lingering snow drifts, persistent tulips and daffodils are poking through the chilled earth.  I will be so happy to see them.  It'll be a hard-earned -- and a much-appreciated -- breakthrough into spring this year.

The girls, figuratively and literally, have been bouncing off the walls.  This week's snow day resulted in an epic bounce house that was assembled out of couch cushions and pillows -- so, so many pillows -- that walking across the room was fodder for twisting your ankle, and sitting on the floor was preferable to sitting on cushion-less couches.

I've been moving about my day-to-day business -- mothering and teaching and living -- as if I'm waiting for something.  At home, my kids are tired, an odd mixture of having too much and not enough energy all at once.  On campus, my students are tired, as if they're hitting the lonely third corner of the track and know that, despite their weariness, there's still a decent stretch ahead before they reach the semester's finish line.  My colleagues and I feel the same.

With this all in mind, I remember the tulips and daffodils.  We're all going to push through.  We're all going to make it.

In unrelated news, yesterday I found myself saying the most random sentences to my children.  Among them:  "Let me tell you this clearly: you do not need to put ketchup on your applesauce," "Stop licking my arm," and "It's a wonder that I didn't just step on your head."

But the one statement that truly left me shaking my head (and shuddering a bit), was when I discovered my two-year-old in the bathroom after she had gone to the potty.

And that statement was this: "THAT IS NOT A HAT!"

And it was in reference to this:

Leave a comment and share what random statements you've found yourself saying lately!

(You do know that I think of your comments of little bits of sunshine, right?  Go on, spread some warmth.  Besides, I'd love to think that my kid isn't the only one who's discovered that a toilet seat serves double-duty as a crown.)

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  1. About 6 months ago, I had the opportunity to exclaim "Litter boxes are not sand boxes!" This week I've said "we do not put egg on the baby's head," and "don't lick the table."

  2. Today alone "If you want to make food "disappear" put it in your rmouth..that's the only option." "Do not make "funny faces" with your tongue on the dining room table."

  3. Those are doozies, Kendra! Come to think of it, I think that "licking" might be one of the activities that I most often request to stop.

  4. Dare I even ask to where the food was "disappearing" if it wasn't into a mouth?

  5. I'm with you on waiting for Spring. I actually like winter, but enough is enough. Last night, we sat outside freezing while my middle one played a late soccer game and woke up this morning to a low temp that tied the record for this day!

    Funniest thing I've said to my children - "I'm afraid it's going to be too cold for the donkey this year." (Referring to the donkey that always visits our church on Palm Sunday - when it's supposed to SNOW!)

  6. Without the added context, your statement to your kids is wonderfully absurd, Lisa!

  7. "You're going to wish you ate asparagus so your pee could smell funny, too."

  8. Tired MommyMarch 22, 2013

    "Do NOT put your brother inside the trunk," ( it's our coffee table) " and if you do put him in there, certainly DO NOT sit on the lid."

  9. Hilarious (potty on the head) - unfortunately these days we want NOTHING to do with the potty.....(sigh) at least your kids are even remotely interested in it ;).


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