If You Have Fresh Snow (a story through pictures)

If you have fresh snow, your children will want to play outside.  If your children want to play outside, you will spend 20 minutes stuffing them into snow suits, hats and mittens.  If they are snugly bundled in snow suits, hats, and mittens, at least one of them will announce that she needs to go to the bathroom.

When your children venture outside -- waddling like overstuffed penguins -- you will pause to take a photo of them.  If they must pause to take a photo, they will be all the more eager to actually get into the snow.  They'll lose coordination.

If they loose coordination, they'll stumble through the snow.  If they stumble through the snow, they'll begin to resemble an epic adventurer bravely facing the elements on the Iditarod, minus the racing sled.  And the dogs.  

If they're on an epic adventure, it eventually must come to an end.  The children will come inside.  When they come inside, they will cast off more clothing than you swear you put on them.

Puddles of slush will melt on your kitchen floor.  If the puddles are invisible to the naked eye (and they will be), you still will step in them.  If you step in them, you only will be wearing socks.

If you mop the floor and stow away your children's discarded clothes, hats, gloves, and boots, all things indoors eventually will dry out and warm up, including your socks.

As for the snow outside, it still will look inviting and fresh the next day.

And if you have fresh snow, your children will want to go outside and play.

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  1. I haven't been more happy to not live in the snow belt in a long, long time.


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