A New Year

Dreaming of a White Christmas?  No.  Dreaming of a smashing 2013.

I'm grateful for the open slate that a fresh year provides.  In lieu of setting specific resolutions, over the course of 2013 I've determined to remain mindful of three areas in my life:

1) My Eyes.  This year, I'm determined to be smart about what I bring before my eyes.  Do the books, magazines, and shows that I read and watch uplift me and point me toward what's good, or do they cause me to be dissatisfied?  I'm choosing to guard my eyes and focus on the good.

2) My Mouth.  What I say affects me, either for good or for bad.  I've been reminding myself -- aloud -- about God's love, provision, grace, and care.  Hearing my own mouth confess these things helps to settle them in my heart and mind.

Want an illustration of how this works?  This song, happily, gets lodged in my thoughts frequently:

3) My Body.  As much as I'd like to pretend that I can eke by on limited sleep or feel "okay" when I don't exercise, it's not true.  I'm a hot mess emotionally (anxious, depressed, moody) when I'm not taking adequate care of myself.  This year I plan to get enough sleep and carve out 30 minutes most days to exercise.   I'm worth that investment.

What are your plans or resolutions for 2013?

Here's to a beautiful year ahead!

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  1. Wonderful things to be mindful of Robin!  I am so thankful for "finding" you this past year and being inspired by your wonderful blog.  Best wishes for a fabulous new year ahead! 

  2. Thank you, Kelly, and a fabulous new year to you, as well!


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