Retaining Memories, One Price Tag at a Time

I'm fascinated with how people process and retain memories.  Some people remember specific events by the meals they eat.  That wedding?  Of course I remember!  That was when we had the crab cakes and filet mignon.  Others, like one of my sisters-in-law, remember the clothes they wear.  That wedding?  Of course I remember!  That was when I wore the green silk dress.

In terms of memory, my claim to fame is that I could tell you how much I spent for nearly all articles of clothing in my closet.  It's impressive.  Or it's a syndrome.  One of the two.

Considering that I take a few minutes upon waking to process what day of the week it is and that I rarely go an entire day calling my kids by the right names, it's also a stark contrast from my typical mental acuity.

But that sweater in my closet?  I know that I bought it on clearance for seven dollars.  And those jeans?  I snagged them for one dollar per pair at the resale shop.  Everything has a story.  Everything had been on sale.

What can I say?  I like clothes.  I like deals.  I love merging those interests together.  I aim to buy items that are versatile and will last.  Typically, I play it relatively safe -- incorporating color with my shirts, but keeping the bottoms neutral.

Until last week.  This is because LOFT, my favorite clothing store, emailed me about a huge clearance event.  There's something about this store that undoes me.  Perhaps it's the lighting.  Perhaps they pump endorphins through the air circulation system.  It results in me doing things like standing in front of a three-way-mirror, turning every angle, and thinking to myself, "Orange pants obviously are a fabulous idea."

And then because they were an additional 50% off the already-reduced clearance prices, my next thought was, "Ditto for the turquoise."

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This post has no connection with LOFT.  I intend Pink Dryer Lint to remain advertisement-free.  However, if you're a LOFT executive who happens to be reading this blog -- and you happen to be itching to give someone a free shopping spree -- I'd be more than happy to be the recipient.  You know, just this once.


  1. Very cute outfits!  LOVE the colored pants.

    My memorization skill (?) is driving by a house and knowing exactly what I bought at that house from their yard sale four years ago.

  2. I don't know that I have a specific memorization trigger or skill. Smell may be the closest. Don't feel bad about calling your children by the wrong names. We only have one and I still do it. I can't imagine Dudette likes being called the cat's or chickens' names very much :/ .

  3. I have this same syndrome! My outfit today was a $1.99 shirt from the thrift store, $2 Oneill flip flops I got on clearance at the end of last season, $3 necklace I bought years ago, and my shorts were old khakis that I cut since I didn't like them anymore!

  4. Holly, you're a woman after my own heart!

  5. Okay, I officially love the fact that you call your daughter by the names of your cat and chickens.

  6. I'd totally categorize this as a skill.  (I'm a fan of garage sales, too!)

  7. smoothstonesSeptember 04, 2012

    I'm in awe of you...that you can be the mother of three and get away with wearing obnoxiously bright pants. They're so tiny!!! =P

  8. Very cheap 1$ for pair. Its cool

  9. Loft clearance sales are my favorite!  Lucky you were able to get there while the sale was running.  I often miss it b/c my schedule is mostly not my own.  

  10. Yes, it was the perfect timing!  Their clearance events are great, are they not?


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