The Very First Haircut

It's a day that has to come, and I knew that it was time.  Even so, a small part of me wanted to pick up those golden locks from that often-swept floor and glue them right back onto her head.

Yet one more piece in the growing body of evidence which points to the fact that our baby is no longer a baby.

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  1. Awww, that curl down there. You kept one, didn't you? The orphanage that kept Dudette kept the kids' hair chopped really short so I made our facilitator PROMISE that he wouldn't allow anyone to touch her head so I could give the first cut. I did so when I visited her at 3 months old. I have that curl in a frame on my desk. :)

  2. These babies insist on growing up.  It's like a knife to the heart.

  3. So sweet.  I've been sort of dreading the first haircut ever since a friend of mine said "Just'll be cutting the hair she had when she was born."
    And I love her serious gaze in the first picture.

  4. Oh, I know!  It's a big step to cut these first locks.  (She kept that serious expression the entire time...)

  5. You're right; they're entirely insistent on this growing-up thing.

  6. Oh, I love that you were the one who gave Dudette her first haircut!  So precious! 

    I don't have the actual locks, just the pictures.  Either way, it's sentimental.  :)


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