Introducing Allan Scott

Whenever I witness someone living his or her dream, I get emotional.  The road to success rarely is an easy one to travel, and those who walk it have sacrificed and dealt with setbacks that would cause those with less determination to buckle.

So, when our friend and talented musician, Allan Scott, and his band launched their first nationwide single "Perfect Love" last week, I was overjoyed.  Allan Scott Band will be releasing their debut album Blameless and Free on May 15, and "Perfect Love" already can be bought on iTunes and previewed in its entirety on the band's website.

Allan Scott Band: Hayden Miller, Caleb Bush, Ray Ceglar, and Allan Scott

You could argue that I'm biased (because I am), but let me say this: they're excellent.  I've listened to "Perfect Love" on repeat, never tiring of the passionate vocals, subtly edgy melody, and powerful message.  It's the type of song that you want to get stuck in your head. 

Read more about Allan (he's got quite a story!) and the band here.  It's not every day that you get to witness people live out their dreams -- or get to hear your friend on the radio -- and I'm entirely enjoying watching this unfold.

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  1. I grew up with Allen!  WE went to bible school together a LONG time ago.  It is great to see where he is today :-)  Thanks for sharing.


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