Celebration Cupcakes (Rockstar Style)

She waited for weeks and finally the cookbook that my daughter had been longing to check out from her school's library was on the shelf, just in time for her birthday cupcakes. 

Together we made karaoke cupcakes fit for a rock star, tweaking the recipe and baking the cupcakes into an ice cream cone, frosting them with pink icing, and decorating each "microphone" with silver sprinkles.  Sugar overload, to be certain, but undeniably cute. 

Singing while eating is entirely optional. 

Capturing the cute husband goofing off in the background on camera is entirely bonus.  Icing on the (cup)cake, you could say. 

Cupcake recipe: What's New, Cupcake?

Image depicting a much more complex and aesthetically pleasing display of cupcakes, disco ball, and pink feathers than I am capable of making: compliments of iVillage.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I think my girls would love those!

  2. smoothstonesApril 17, 2012

    She's allll you in this photo. Awesome possum!

  3. TheMomChefApril 18, 2012

    Daddies that are willing to 'get down' while their daughters sing into cupcake microphones when there's a camera around are keepers in my book. He rocks (literally and figuratively). 

  4. ShirlhinkleApril 23, 2012


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