When You Were a Mother

Transcript of a conversation that I had with my mother during a recent visit:

Me:  So, Mom, when you were a mother...

Mom:  You know, I am a mother.

Me:  Good point.  Let me rephrase.  When you were a mother and we were young -- like the ages of my girls now -- did you...

Mom:  Did I feel like things were out of control?  That you two were winning and I was losing?  That everything was chaotic around me most of the time?  Yes, I felt that way.

At that point, I no longer remembered what question I actually had been planning to ask her, but I think she pretty much answered it.

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  1. Michelle ThuldaninJanuary 05, 2012

    Well, that makes me feel better that things are that always were.

  2. I think I've read this a half dozen times now. I just keep reading it over and over because it makes me feel better.


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