Short and Sweet: Knowing Who You Are

How I know my three-year-old has a solid sense of self in 100 or fewer words:

Each girl is entirely dolled up.  Reese prances in her leotard, pink tights, and ballet shoes.  Kerrington wears a tutu over her everyday clothes, repeatedly spinning in a circle until she falls to the floor from dizziness.  Brooke wears a bedazzled play dress, pulls high satiny gloves to her elbows, and places a jeweled crown on her head.

A visitor arrives at the door and spots Brooke.  "Why, hello little princess!"

"Hello, but I am not a princess." she corrects him.  "I am a mosquito."  She pauses for just a moment before clinching it.  "Look out. I sting."

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  1. Michelle DeckerJanuary 06, 2012


  2. smoothstonesJanuary 06, 2012

    You know, my mom said something similar, once, in reference to her being a scorpian (Scorpio). But it wasn't nearly so cute.

  3. Hello Robin! Wow, your three-year old is so cute. She really has a solid sense of self. When my seven-year old daughter was in a play, she was  backstage and I remember her saying the same thing. Anyway, it’s a cute thing for kids you know. Thanks, Grace

  4. Mommyusedtobesopretty ...January 14, 2012

    This is completely awesome! Just checking in after a little hiatus! :)


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