I don't remember the sun shining this past week, just dampness, just gray.  This morning when I normally would be at church, I instead lay on my family room floor as the girls play nearby.  They're nursing head colds, and we didn't want to get any other children sick.

I stretched out on the floor and noticed one thing: the sun shining through the window.  I felt the warmth on my skin, observed how my hair glowed if I squinted enough to view it from the corner of my eye, and relished the sensation that I was absorbing theraupetic Vitamin D into the center of my core.

I closed my eyes and daydreamed -- not about lying on the beach, but about lying right there on my own family room floor directly beside the box of Kleenex, the pile of blocks that were just dumped out, a stack of books, and the couch cushions that have been dragged, one by one, from the couches into a pile on the floor for jumping.

Thank God for sunshine -- and for how it's made all the more brilliant after its absence.

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  1. This is a beautiful post, I can see it all very clearly in my mind.

  2. I do hope the little ladies are on the mend and won't pass the cold on to their mother!  I admit that I NEED the sun as well. It's one of the reasons I left the Chicago area.

  3. Good lesson about sunshine, which is all to easy to forget in the winter. Every January I start looking at real estate listings for Florida and Nevada, but in April I suddenly remember that I love having distinct seasons. And as you say, the absence makes it all the more valuable.


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