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Over the last several posts I've been writing about priorities, and I wanted to share a book with you by an author who does just that -- manages her priorities -- with a grace that's tangible.

Meet Laura Booz:

Laura recently wrote Blogger Behave, a refreshingly smart guide on how to manage blogging so that it benefits, rather than burdens, your life.  By providing useful guidelines on how to engage readers authentically, involve your family, and allocate blogging time, Laura gives any blogger -- whether new or seasoned -- some healthy perspective on what blogging can (and ideally should) look like.

Laura teaches bloggers how to craft a mission statement for their blogs, a practice that has benefited my blogging greatly.

(Want to know the mission statement for Pink Dryer Lint?  It's to help mothers find pleasure, contentment, and encouragement in their daily parenting by sharing life moments that are underpinned with humor, characterized by transparency, and grounded in faith.)

When pondering what to write about, I'm not tossed like an anchorless ship.  I can hold my ideas up to the litmus test of my mission statement.  If my idea supports my overarching blogging goals, then it'll become a post.  If it doesn't align with my purposes, then the idea is cut.  Its brilliance is in its simplicity, really, and Laura's insight shines.

If you're a blogger -- and especially if blogging is getting the best of you -- then I highly recommend that you check out Blogger Behave.  While you're at it, visit Laura at her personal blog, 10 Million Miles and check out this post by her, which is one of my favorites.  Her writing is packed with wisdom and is so genuine that you can't help but enjoy.

Now, behave, bloggers!

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  1. I love your mission statement! It's very evident in your writing too. Thanks for the heads-up on the author and the link to her blog. Headed over now.

  2. Thanks, Robin! It's so awesome to be here. :) I'm honored, delighted, and... well, you made my day!

  3. I'll have to check this out.
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  4. Glad that you like the mission statement.  (If I had to write one for you from my perspective, it would be, "To make Robin feel as if she actually could be a chef one day...")  :)


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