How Did We Make it Through?

I'm tired.  Last night, Kerrington cried in ways that she hasn't cried in a long time -- cries reminiscent of a newborn, cries that never seemed to fully stop but only temporarily to simmer, cries that interrupted our sleep enough that I felt more tired upon waking than upon going to bed.

She's cutting three molars.  The poor child.

Although I'm a person who never drinks coffee and generally has sworn off all caffeine, today I downed 20 fluid ounces of Wild Cherry Pepsi by nine in the morning.  I would have taken it through an IV if available.

It's made me wonder how I ever survived the newborn phase.  How did I ever survive the newborn phase three separate times?

Somehow, I did.  Somehow mothers of newborns learn how to function on erratic sleep while perpetually smelling a little like spit-up milk, writing thank you notes, and smiling for pictures.  They make it through hour by hour, and when they finally catch their breath -- perhaps months, perhaps years later -- they might look back and think, "How did I make it through that?"

This is oddly comforting.  One day -- years from now -- I likely will look back and wonder, "How did Joel and I juggle our work schedules for the eight years that we had preschoolers without ever using daycare?  How did I push my grading to the late hours of the night so I could be with the girls during the day?  How did we make it through?"

And then I'll remember, "One day at a time, with God's grace."

Which is good, and probably will be comforting, because by that point my dear sweet baby, toddler, and first-grader will have morphed into tweens and a teenager, and I may desperately be chugging Wild Cherry Pepsi while they're in the throes of all-things-awkward-and-angsty and wondering how we're all going to make it through.

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  1. great post. very true. My girl cut 3 molars at once too, poor little angel. They don't do things by halves do they? I do think the molars are the worst, but we haven't gotten any further past that yet. I can't even think about her going to school yet!

  2. Ps I hope little Kerrington is feeling better soon or at least the pain stops for a restful day for you all. :) (it does seem to be Ok during the day and play up at night doesn't it?)

  3. Karlee, thank you so much for your well-wishes for Kerrington (and for us!) Last night was much easier than the night before, so we think that she's through the worst of it.

    Hope you're well!

  4. Oh my!! My youngest son cut most of his teeth between Nov 1st and Dec 25th after his 1st birthday. I was pregnant and thought I would never survive. But so far I have, we all have. I do believe that we never fully sleep soundly again our mother ear is always listening. Saw above comment that your daughter seemed better so glad to hear it!! P.S. I never drank coffee until after the birth if my 4th child, my sister in law said when she saw me with a cup "finally I don't know how you have done it all these years without coffee" Lol!! Take care and I hope those molars are done causing your daughter grief.

  5. Why, thank you, anonymous!

    I'm not a coffee drinker either, but I can relate to wanting to start!


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