Wine, Water, and One Dollar Jeans

A few weekends ago, I stopped in a resale shop that primarily markets to teenagers and college students.  Racks of jeans were on clearance -- and when I say clearance, I mean clearance.  An hour later, after trying on dozens of name-brand styles, I walked out with six pairs of jeans and one pair of heels.  I paid $7.

Seven dollars for seven items.

I couldn't help but take a moment to pray and thank God.

Some might think it's flippant to pray about the insignificant things that I pray about.  The God of the Universe has much more important issues to consider -- poverty, disease, drought, the deepest, darkest human suffering and addiction -- and yet I've had the audacity to pray for good deals when I shop.

And it's absolutely true.  There are millions of more pressing concerns, millions of requests to God that are more important than many of mine.

Yet, God hears.  The first recorded miracle of Jesus was when he turned water into wine at a wedding.  To an outsider, it might have appeared to be a miracle of luxury, not of necessity.  A miracle of seemingly insignificant detail, not of importance.

Yet, it was a miracle that made one couple's important day flow more seamlessly.  A miracle that showed how the God of the Universe cares about the details.

I once heard about a meeting where many renowned Christian leaders prayed together.  During one pause, Billy Graham spoke up, "Dear Lord," he started.  I envision people leaning forward, craning to hear what he had to say.  He continued, "Help me find my hat."

That was it.

I have a feeling that he found his hat.

He's a God of wine, water, and one-dollar jeans.  Nothing is too small to escape his notice.

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  1. oh yes, I do indeed agree. Pray for the small stuff.

  2. Our pastor talked about something very similar to this on Sunday. He challenged us to consider the fact that all we really have been promised is food and the clothes on our back and to pray that way. So, Monday night while praying with Sophie, I thanked God for toilets. After her uncontrollable giggle fest was over, we talked about why we should be grateful that we have a toilet in our house.

    I think God's using you this morning to continue reminding me to be grateful for those things I take for granted. Thanks.

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  4. Going to God in small situations will make it easier to go to him in the I can't do this alone situations.

  5. Fabulous. Just fabulous. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the excellent work!


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