On the Cusp

My in-laws, who previously lived 700 miles away, are in the process of moving.  Their new house, which will be finished in a few weeks, is 15 minutes from ours.  Over the past few days, my brother-in-law and I have painted several rooms for them.  (It's significantly easier to paint before carpeting is laid and furniture is situated.  Less risk factor with splattering.)

Since the semester starts tomorrow, I've toggled back and forth between painting and preparing for my fall classes, a strange combination of large and small motor skills, of steady hands and steady thought processes.  It's sort of like writing calligraphy after doing jumping jacks -- a little disjointed.

I feel that we're on the cusp of change.  School supplies fill the stores.  Work emails arrive with much greater frequency.  Consistent structure, which was so elusive during the summer, will inevitably materialize with my return to teaching in the mornings, Joel's increased work schedule on campus, and Reese's return to school next week.  We'll look at the clock much more frequently.  I may even start to know the date, rather be adrift at some point in the month.

Right now, this Sunday before it all begins, I straddle both worlds, ready for the change.

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  1. I tend to be a drippy painter! Painting before the carpet is in is such a great idea.

  2. Yes, straddling both worlds....but I'm not ready! :) I'm still trying to live moment by moment as long as summer remains!
    I hope your transition goes smoothly now! No more jumping jacks! :)


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