Mauling in the Name of Science

To the various bugs who were injured during my daughter's "nature investigation" this morning, I apologize. They are still learning the meaning of the word gentle.

To the ladybug who was put into a house (a plastic container full of dried out grass and one rock) and was shaken by Brooke, truly, I am sorry. You didn't deserve this.

To the moth who was accidentally stepped on, then prodded, then studied under a magnifying glass, then given a massage by Reese, who noted, "He doesn't look like he's doing too well, and a back massage always makes mommy feel better, so...." I issue an apology to you, too. Yes, back massages may make me feel better, but I don't have flimsy, transparent wings. Sorry.

To the bugs who escaped the nature investigation, I wish you well. If you see my children in the yard, don't hesitate. Just fly or crawl for your lives.


  1. There's really nothing to add to this, except to mention how big my smile is.

  2. Haha.. so funny! My daughter LOVES bugs and nature! I love that!


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