How to Speak More Good

I have a confession that will reveal my pop culture ignorance: I've never read Twilight, I've never watched Twilight, and I have no real desire to do so. Still, this brief spoof struck a chord when I watched it yesterday. Spot on, don't you think?

I'll definitely be using it in my public speaking classes this fall.

Enjoy, and stay cool today!


  1. You know, I said the same thing about Twilight. Then, one day at the library, as I normally do, I grabbed a couple of books at random off the shelves. One was called "The Host." It was excellent so when I went back to that branch, I took the other book of hers they had on the shelf, a book called Eclipse.

    A little ways into it I felt lost and like I didn't know something I should so I asked a friend if she'd ever heard about the book. You know that "are you an idiot?" look? I got that. She told me to put the book back and start from the beginning. So I did. Read all four in less than a week. Watch all three movies....twice. Just so you know, I'm an Edward fan. Just in case you ever do read them.

  2. Loved it!!! Showed it to my three teenage (huge twilight fan)daughter's and they loved it too. Thanks for sharing...

    P.S Just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it...

  3. So glad that you liked the clip!


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