Warning Labels

Zhu-Zhu pets have warning labels advising that you keep them away from your hair.  Point duly noted.  None of my children have ever put a moving Zhu-Zhu pet on top of their heads.  (Not yet.)

However, as of tonight, this isn't the case with the motorized Thomas the Tank Engine that we own.

Brooke emerged from her bedroom with Thomas dangling from the side of her head.  Always a very useful engine, he was still chug-chug-chugging away -- winding her hair into his wheels in one tangled mass.

Scissors were required.

Bad Thomas.

The scene reminded me of a moment in my earlier years when my brother's curiosity got the better of him.  He had been wondering what would happen if he put the Dirt Devil on my head while I was innocently curled up in a chair.  I'm still unsure why he hadn't been able to reason through this in advance.

It's a vacuum.  It would suck up hair.  It would tangle that hair around its bristled coils.  It would render me helpless, lying on my back on the floor with a hand-held vacuum cleaner attached to my head.  Really, now, what did he think it would do?

So, in light of Brooke's little situation, all I have to say is this:

At least she was both the victim and the perpetrator.  It's just easier that way.

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  1. Aye ya ya. I'm so glad I read this so I can warn my Wild Orange about Thomas. And vacuum cleaners. Her scalp is so tender, her curls so lovely. And she is soooo crazy. She needs warned.

  2. Loved it! Best on yet!

  3. It's awful! My daughter got Thomas stuck in her hair too! And what's worse is the zipper on my winter coat...if I bend down to help her...I believe I've gotten that one stuck in her hair about 4 times now. Good thing winter is coming to a close!

    -Kristen from WI

  4. Haha what I find hilarious is a little girl playing with a Thomas the Tank :)


  5. Robin, love this one! Thanks for the chuckle...it reminds me of when I got my mom's round hair brush stuck, wound up to the top of my head, when I was younger. Guess it's a ritual every girl with a head of hair goes through at one point or another!


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