Headache Remedy

I returned from work this morning and found my daughter looking like this:

Considering that she wears band-aids as accessories, I was rather confident that the one plastered across her forehead was just for show, not to cover a legitimate injury.  Or, she had a headache.  Either way, the placebo effect works.

The best part is that three years ago, a certain big sister of hers had the same idea:

You could never discern that these two are related, could you?

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  1. That is so cute!!!

    CJ xx

  2. OMGoodness! That is just too funny and too adorable! hahahahaha!!!!!!!


  3. That flowery shirt is so amazing. I would love to decorate my entire house with that sort of color and pattern. Feel free to mail it to me when y'all are done with it.

    Random, I know. It happens.

  4. Thanks, ladies! Brandee, we picked up the flower dress at Target. It's super cute!

  5. I sure hope you scrapbook as well as blog and take great pictures.


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