A Phone Conversation of Sorts

This evening I had a phone conversation with my father.  It lasted roughly three minutes.  I use the word conversation especially lightly because our talk mostly consisted of me asking him to repeat himself and my interjections to the girls as I extended the phone away from my mouth:  No, you can't eat pepperoni for a bedtime snack.  Don't touch her.  Let go of the puzzle, let go, let -- stop pulling all the pieces apart!  I just told you, do NOT touch her.

Then, drawing the receiver closer, the apologetic, "I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

After I hung up, I settled my gaze firmly on them.  "Girls, you need to remember your manners and be respectful when I'm on the phone.  You were acting pretty crazy there.  Do you really want to be little crazy people?"

Ever candid, Reese answered, "Well, sort of."

I need to phrase my questions better.


  1. They totally disempower you when they answer like that! There is really no where to go after such a response.

  2. haha! Too funny! I'm a follower from top mommy blogs! Hope you follow me back. www.grantandbrookestone.blogspot.com - brooke

  3. Nicole, "disempower" is the perfect word. I had nowhere to go after she said that. ;)

    Brooke, thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. I love when I get those funny, truthful, exasperating answers from kids. The other day, Cullen was being particularly disruptive while a kids' movie he requested to watch was playing. I said to him firmly, "Cullen, are you watching this movie or not?" He responded simply, "I'm not."

  5. Honesty is just so refreshing, is it not?


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