Learning to Share

The two littlest girls have colds, and although I've tried to escape by conscientiously washing my hands and occasionally chugging a quarter-full glass of water still fizzing from a nearly-dissolved Airborne tablet, I've been nabbed.

Little kids with colds don't know what to do with themselves.  They drip snot.  They rub their faces onto my pants leg and shirt sleeve.  The baby reaches her little hand -- the same hand she was just slobbering on -- and plants it directly on my mouth.

So, I've rolled with it.  While playing this evening, I asked Brooke if she could pass me the Kleenex box.  She went the extra distance.  Pulling one out, she said, "Here you go, Mommy" as she wiped her nose with it and then handed it to me, crumpled and moist.

At least she's sharing, right?


  1. This weekend I was constantly changing shirts. Evil'nose was pouring and it seemed she wanted to snuggle alot and would get snot on me. I was a human kleenex.

  2. Oh, I hear you. Have spent the last two nights with a face covered in some combination of snot and vomit pressed lovingly into my own. Sigh.

  3. LOL.. oh those days of toddlers/babies/preschoolers.... i hope your kids are better soon

    My 3 are 14,16,17 now. Maybe not 'toddler cute' or 'preschooler learning everything'- but the snotty nose charing thing is a thing of the past and they can have good conversations now....

    (stopping by from TopMommyBlogs and voting for you)

  4. All moms can relate to the human Kleenex phenomenon... so true, and as you point out, Kimberly, it's also so fleeting.

    Thanks for your comments!


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