Inhaling Dryer Lint

I'm always curious to learn how people discover Pink Dryer Lint for the first time.  Most readers, I assume, find it on a directory of motherhood blogs or hear about it by word of mouth.  They're anticipating stories about the hood (motherhood, that is), and hopefully they find what they're looking for.

Then there are the other people who stumble onto Pink Dryer Lint via more indirect routes.  Case in point, recently some poor soul entered this question into Google:

"Is it unhealthy to inhale dryer lint?"

For whatever reason, I suspect that this searcher was a woman.  I imagine her sitting at the computer because some member of her family had just breathed in a sizable lungful of the fuzzy stuff. 

To this individual, I offer this:

I'm no physician, but my advice is to refrain from dryer lint inhalation as much as possible.  If your children's antics that prompted this Google search (and if you felt solidarity with me based on my children's antics even though my blog didn't provide an answer for your pressing question), then by all means, welcome aboard.

 * Photo for illustration purposes only.  Not for inhalation.


  1. Well, I found you because of a funny comment you made on someone else's blog. Now, I have had two people that follow my blog that got there via pink dryer lint

  2. I don't remember how I found you, but it could have been from following the evil3yearold up above. Or vice versa. When I find good writing, I latch on. Photos don't matter since they're usually doctored. Writing takes talent. As does pink dryer lint. And inhaling it.

  3. I found you via Top Mommy blogs. I stayed because I have two little girls with another princess arriving in April. My dryer lint is also mostly pink!

  4. Nicole, a little hat trick of girls! Ah, it's wonderful. (I always thought I'd have sons, but now I can't imagine life any other way.) Congrats and blessings to you on the soon-to-be addition!

    Great to hear how you've all found the site!

  5. You're funny! And now I know NOT to inhale pink dryer lint. How 'bout the grey dryer lint?
    I found you through a comment that you left over at myevilthreeyearold, and quite honestly, I'm nosy, so when I see a comment that catches my eye, I'm like, "I bet that chick is funny!" See, I was right.

  6. Love it! I'm glad to find you! Thank you so much for the sweet, encouraging comment you left at Stinker Babies. I'm happy to be following your blog now and looking forward to reading more. =)

  7. I read your blog daily ... because of of Top Mommy Blogs.

    I also check off and on to see how people come across mine ... and I had the words "calories in chicken nuggets" that someone used and came across my blog. Uhhh?!?!?! Well ... I hope they got the information they needed?!?!?!



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