One Informercial Later

I'm foggy on the details of why Reese was watching TV and how the TV ended up on this particular channel, but she's now seen a portion of her first infomercial, and this child is sold.

I've never met a five-year-old who wanted a steam mop, but there's a first for everything.

If you asked her about it, she'd tell you that is is no ordinary steam mop.  I didn't even ask her about it, and she still told me.  Repeatedly.

Reese:  It cleans everything, mom.  Everything!
Me:  I see that.
Reese:  Can we get one?
Me:  No, honey, we already have a steam mop.
Reese:  Not this type of mop.  Ours only cleans on hard surfaces.  This one cleans on all surfaces, even on carpets.  Even in cars.  Even in bathrooms!  A doctor recommends it!

Clearly the commercial's rhetoric has been effective.

Me: It's okay, Reese.  We have enough cleaning products.
Reese:  But it's just three payments of $33!  Mom, please!

I looked at her closely.  There was legitimate desperation in her voice.  She threw her hands up in exasperation.  And I totally get it.  For as messy as this child can be, she's still my girl.  Somewhere deep in that DNA of hers, there is a clean gene lurking.  We just needed the impressive power of the H2O Mop Ultra to draw it out.

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  1. This is too too funny. Reese cracks me up with every story like this! -BRITTANY


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