Adorable DIY Earring Display Hanger

I made a new friend last year. She's beautiful and kind, spirited and joyful. She wears dangly earrings adorably and naturally, versus how I feel when I've attempted the feat:
oh look, here's a person trying to pull off dangly earrings.

She's utterly charming, right down to her earrings.

Today is her birthday, and in order to celebrate her, I created a earring holder so she can display her collection in a streamlined fashion, versus keeping them tucked in a drawer. I started by finding a simple square picture frame. (From Goodwill, of course — I'm a thrifter by nature.)

After disassembling the frame and removing the glass, I used needle-nosed pliers to detach the metal prongs that held the original frame backing in place.

I carefully wiped the frame clean to remove any debris, let it dry, then spray painted it with two coats of ultra matte black paint.

Then the real fun began. I cut a piece of plastic mesh to fit the dimensions of the frame (mesh is carried at any craft store), then carefully used my staple gun to tack the mesh to the back of the frame. This ensured that the staples wouldn't be visible from the front.

The result: a streamlined and sleek frame that can be perched on a dresser or hung on a wall so my friend's dangly earrings can be displayed as artwork.

Dangly earrings are too cute to be hidden in a drawer, after all.

Wishing my sweet friend a very happy birthday!

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