Walking in Winter

There's no bad weather, only bad clothing.
Scandinavian Saying

I'm grateful I live in a location where I experience all four seasons. Some people love winter. Others hate it. I fall into the category of people who tolerate winter well. Trust me, in a few months when the weather finally breaks, I'll welcome spring with arms wide open, but now, I'm holding steady and enduring with good cheer. 

I've never been into winter sports, though. I don't ice skate, I don't ski, and I don't snowboard. Given this, most of my winter exercising has been done indoors at the gym to shield myself from the weather. But given some current troubles with my shoulder, I can't go to the gym or do much vigorous movement, which leaves me with one main option: walking.

I've always enjoyed taking walks when the weather is warm, but I've never been a person who takes daily winter walks. It's not as bad as it seems. For one, last Christmas my husband bought me a heated vest, and this thing is legit. It feels like I'm wrapped in a heated blanket, yet in a socially acceptable way. On occasion, I've even been known to describe it as "life-changing." You might think I exaggerate, but I've said what I've said.

Besides the heated vest, there's another reason why winter walks aren't bad: winter is surprisingly beautiful when you're exposed to its beauty. This evening, for example, I witnessed this sunset: 

Even on days when the sky looms dark, there's something tranquil and serene about its starkness. It's hushed and peaceful. I catch whiffs of the wood stove smoke from the house on top of the hill, which just might be one of the best smells this earth has to offer. 

When I'm warm and comfortable inside, I sometimes want to stay that way. Inertia is real. Still, I head outside because I know this to be true: I've never taken a walk and felt worse for it. Especially not now with my heated vest.

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