Celebrating Cat Adoption Days

On our refrigerator calendar, today's square is flanked by two special days: yesterday marks the one-year anniversary of adopting our cat, Chip, and tomorrow marks the three-year anniversary of adopting Peanut. As someone who never owned a pet until adulthood, I'm still surprised by how much joy they add to life.

Peanut, a diminutive cat who fits her namesake, continues to be sweet and shy and (in my humble opinion) the most adorable thing ever. Chip continues to behave like a dog. They're a good mix. 

Of course, Peanut often guards my laptop when I need to work. 

And, on occasion, she tries to fit into a lunch box.

Most recently, Peanut has taken to extending her paw and gently placing it on my bad shoulder, as if she senses I'm hurting. How she knows this, I can't fathom, but it's comforting.

In contrast, Chip has no such internal sensor, but he's delightful, too. He's relentlessly friendly. He runs crookedly, like he can't entirely figure out how to propel himself forward in a straight trajectory. We occasionally ask him, "What are you thinking about Chip?" and then playfully answer that he doesn't think. This seems to fit who he is. If he spoke, he very well might sound like a middle school boy. Bruh

Happy adoption days, Chip and Peanut. I'm grateful you're in our lives.

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