Beyond Measure: Post Talk Update

The weekend before the semester began, I had the pleasure of speaking at a women's event about rooting our worth in what matters. It was a wonderful evening with women from over 25 churches in attendance, which always warms my heart.

Within the first few minutes of talking, two things happened simultaneously: 

(1) I realized that I need to commit to having my reading glasses with me at all times. I no longer can easily read without them, and I didn't consider this middle-aged reality until I already was on stage with notes that now, apparently, were scrawled in hieroglyphics.

(2) I had a clicker so I could advance the slides while I was speaking. One of the awesome tech people did not know this, however, and she also had a clicker so she could advance my slides while I was speaking. This made me briefly question my sanity. How are my slides moving when I'm not clicking them? Is my vision really that bad? What is happening?

These are real thoughts I think while I'm on a stage and other, entirely different words are coming out of my mouth. It's kind of impressive. At any rate, the slides don't appear in the video, so you'll have to trust me that they not only were awesome, but also well timed.

You can view the talk here. I hope that it encourages you today! My dear friends, remember this: you are loved beyond measure.

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