Let's Chat: Spring Break Road Trip Edition

Friends, it's Spring Break!  It's been cold and gray in central Pennsylvania, and last week seemed to drag on for a mini-eternity.  Weeks before a break are known to do this.  They act like an accordion -- stretching out so you feel like they're lasting forever, then compressing quickly so you mildly panic at how much you still need to get done before you reach the end.

But we made it through, and this past weekend we packed the minivan, piled in the kids, and drove south for 20 hours.  Now we're visiting family in Florida where it feels like summer, although my mother informs me that it's still winter.  I'm seasonally confused, but it's perfect.

Let's chat, friends!

Road Trips.  I'm happy to tell you that my children have become seasoned road-trippers.  A few years ago, I remember making this exact same drive and having to stop seven times in the expanse of two hours because my youngest daughter had found -- and chugged -- one of the 32-ounce bottles of Gatorade that my husband packed in the back of the van.  (We grew acquainted with many rest stop bathrooms that particular trip.)  In contrast, this trip our family worked like a well-oiled machine.  Nobody argued, nobody died of horrific boredom, and nobody had any emergencies involving bodily fluids.  All in all, it was a win.

Sunscreen.  Last summer, my husband and I noticed that we have this one bottle of sunscreen that never runs empty.  We're not sure how this is happening, but even after using it for an entire summer it's still semi-full.  We think we're experiencing some sort of widow's oil miracle.  Maybe it will run out this week.  Maybe it will last forever.  I'll keep you posted.

An Average Sandcastle.  We noticed that some fellow beach-goers had built a small, rather average sandcastle near us.  I mean, it's okay if you're into boring stuff like intricate staircases, turrets, and realistic details carved to scale.

We'll Take Your Mediocre Sandcastle and We'll Raise You a Moat.  To compliment the neighboring sand castle -- and to showcase our own vast architectural prowess on the beach -- my youngest daughter and I created a moat.  You might not believe this based on the precision of our craftsmanship, but the only tools we used were our bare hands.

Go on, admit it.  It's impressive.

Clapping for a Sunset.  Somehow, watching the sunset over the ocean never gets old.  Each time I'm touched when people, both young and old, stand along the shoreline and clap right as the sun dips below the horizon.  It feels like a very pure moment -- a true celebration of life and beauty.

Meeting a Blog Reader.  My parents hosted a cookout so we could meet three of their dear Florida friends, and I met a lovely woman who regular reads this blog.  She gave me a warm hug and then pronounced, "Somehow I thought you'd be tall and blonde!"  I think I'm flattered; apparently, I must write like a tall blonde woman.  (Miss Vicki, you're a gem!  Please keep reading even though I'm a relatively short brunette!)

Pictures of Feet.  (Is this a thing?  Do other people take pictures of their feet to mark places that they've been?)  At any rate, these are my feet, and in this picture my feet are firmly planted on a Naples pier where we watched a sunset and strolled up and down the docks to admire the boats.  I'm pretty pleased that my toenails are cute and coral, and hey -- there's a coiled rope, which nails that nautical aesthetic I was aiming for.

The Return Trip.  I don't want to think about this yet.  Twenty hours with the van facing south is tolerable because you're filled with hope.  Twenty hours with the van facing north makes you feel like you're driving into Narnia, but the bad Narnia ruled by the White Witch where it's kind of scary and depressing.

But, alas, we'll reach that point when we reach that point.  Until then, I'm going to marvel in the fact that it feels like summer, even though it's technically still winter, and enjoy this amazing spring break.

What a gift.

Thanks for chatting with me, dear reader.  I'll be back to regular blogging soon!


  1. Reading this made my no good very bad day SO. MUCH. BETTER.

    Robin, you have this incredible gift with words and then you slice right into them with the most hilarious wit. HOW do you do that? You are SO TALENTED. And I was utterly entertained by this post. I could read you for hours and smile and nod and giggle all the way through.

    And btw, THAT SAND CASTLE. Um, wow. And your moat totally competes. lol

    Oh, and btw #2, your feet are so pretty and that pic looks like it should be on a magazine cover. Maybe a sailing magazine?

    And btw #3, I wish I could join you. Mostly because I want WARM SUN but also? Because I think we'd get along real well, you and I. :)

    1. Christine, if only you had the gift of complimenting someone..... ;)

      Seriously, woman, your comments are the nicest! I'm thinking about tattooing that whole thing on my arm for a day when I am not feeling like a coherent funny person with cute feet who can build amazing sand moats. (You know those kind of days. They're the WORST.)

      But seriously, Christine, thank you. You have such a special gift of building up others!

      I agree that we'd get along well, you and I. :)

  2. The way you described the weeks that led up to Spring Break was BEYOND accurate. The last week, there was something to be done each day. By the time my friends and I began our drive to Florida, I was ready to nap. It amazed me how a few stops can end up adding hours to the trip! Me being frustrated with 19 year olds, I cannot imagine this trip with children.

    I really like the photos you included. I'll look at my camera roll and count down the days until the semester is over so I can go back. I felt seasonally confused too. The second day I was down there, a tornado went right through our city. The remainder of the week it was sunny but windy. I didn't complain though because my pap would text me saying he woke up to 9 degree weather.

    Her friends comment I found to be odd as well. I don't typically think about someones height or hair color when reading a blog.

    The drive home was heart breaking. My friends and I would guess what state we would start to see snow. The recent warm front though has been promising!


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