Overheard: An Unexpectedly Encouraging Confession

Yesterday as I walked across campus between my classrooms, I overheard a brief fragment of conversation between two students.  I knew nothing about the context; I simply caught this:
I'm so far behind, I haven't even started.  I am the most behind person.  I'm more behind than anyone else.
And then they were gone, past earshot, as other students streamed past.

I still don't know the context.  Was this student behind on a project?  Had she not started a draft for a paper?  Had she procrastinated studying for an exam?  I have no idea.

But I do know this:

As I continued to my office, mulling over how I should have more items crossed off my to-do list, I relaxed a little.  I wasn't as behind as I might think.  Because that person I just passed?  She was more behind than anyone else, including me.

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