Sometimes I Have These Random Thoughts and Experiences

Sometimes when I try to remember the spelling of a certain word, I look at it for so long that I'm convinced it's no longer a word.

Sometimes when I arrive at a destination, I don't remember certain parts of the trip, but I hope that I still obeyed traffic laws while getting there.

Sometimes when I eat a sandwich, the bread gets stuck to the roof of my mouth and I momentarily worry that it'll never get unstuck.

Sometimes when I take a shower, it all seems so familiar that I can't recall if I've washed and conditioned my hair, or just thought about washing and conditioning my hair.

Sometimes I suspect the one reason that most of us know the meaning of the word belated is because we live in a society where people periodically forget birthdays.

Sometimes when making very simple side dishes, like macaroni and cheese, I have to take the box out of the trash multiple times so I can re-read the directions.

Sometimes when I'm reading a book at night, I tell my husband that I'll come upstairs in just a minute, and he always wishes me good night because he knows better.

Sometimes when I experience a sudden sharp headache, I wonder if it's about to be a brain aneurysm, but so far, so good.

Sometimes when I see how many crumbs are in the drawer where we keep our silverware, I wonder if a member of my family actively shakes the toaster over it.

Sometimes I not only forget what day it is, but also what month, and for that weightless moment, I feel entirely unhinged, like I'm no longer tethered to time, responsibility, or real calendars.  Then, the sensation passes just as quickly as it arrived, and I'm like, "Oh, it's May. And Thursday."


  1. Thank you for this! The reason I enjoy your writing so much?? Because there are so many "me too!" revelations. Thank you for that.

    1. Colleen, thanks for such a fun compliment! I love the solidarity in our shared weirdness!


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