Everything Is Coming Back to Life

Last night my family and a few neighbors circled around our backyard fire pit.  The evening reaffirmed my belief that most everything seems right with the world when you're sitting beside a campfire.

I mean, how can you argue with this?

After enduring eleven thousand weeks of perpetual winter, we're turning a corner.  Last night's campfire proved it.  Spring seems to have gained traction in the seasonal tug-of-war, making me believe that maybe -- just maybe -- I could wash and stow the winter jackets, hats, and gloves for the year.

The grass, the daffodils, the crab apple blossoms!  Everything is coming back to life, including me. 

Thank God for spring, for newness, for fresh breezes.  Spring, we're happy you're here.  Please stay awhile. 

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