Need New Eyeglasses? This post is for you.

While I try to be a disciplined person by principle, I've been known to procrastinate on tasks that I expect to be tiresome.  (Pile of assignments to grade, I'm looking at you.)  But sometimes I also procrastinate on tasks that aren't hard or unpleasant in any fashion, but ones that simply don't make the short list of must-do activities that demand my attention.

Repetitive chores -- cleaning, washing, folding, feeding, and the like -- are part of my daily routines.  Sure, they can be pesky, but most days I'm capable of forging ahead and getting them done.  But the rogue extra task (like me remembering to schedule an appointment to get new eyeglasses) can easily fall to the bottom of the list, where it languishes, week after week, maybe month after month, until I finally give myself a serious pep talk.

Self, it is time to be an adult and DO THE THING.  

(The inherent irony is that, almost always, the doing of the thing is rarely as troubling or time-consuming as the procrastination that leads up to the doing of the thing.  But that's another story.) 

As for me, I recently had the opportunity to partner with and order eyeglasses online to review in a post on Robin Kramer Writes.  The process was simple.  I browsed frames on the website, narrowed down the selection to several contenders, and then I virtually tried on frames by uploading a picture of myself. (Prescription sunglasses are available, as well as regular glasses.)  Next, I polled my husband and a few friends about whether they liked me better in the black/blue frames or the tortoise shell.

The black/blue frames (pictured on the left) won the popular vote, so I uploaded my prescription and my pupillary distance, which were two measurements that I had on file from my most recent visit to the eye doctor.  Then, within days after sending my order, I received a package with my new eyeglasses in the mail.

Simple as that.  It hadn't been troubling or time consuming at all.  The glasses fit comfortably, and the prescription is spot-on. 

Even better, is offering a special coupon code (GSHOT50) for readers of Robin Kramer Writes, which means that you, my dear readers, can have 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses, sale frames excluded, if you visit their website.

So, by chance, if updating your eyeglasses is a task that's dangling on the lower end of one of your mental to-do lists, then I encourage you to DO THE THING, which feels infinitely better than just thinking about it.  Your eyes, and your to-do list, will thank you.

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