You Know You Live in a Small Town When.... (A Story of a Lost Dog)

A family in our town recently lost their dog.  I know this not only because dozens of bright green signs were tacked onto telephone polls and hung at highly-trafficked intersections, but also because local friends forwarded Facebook posts that alerted residents to be on the lookout.  Even our local paper covered the story.

This dog was being sought hard.  

When I was checking out at Wal-Mart yesterday, the cashier who rang up my order began to chat.  "Did you hear the good news yet?"  Unsure of what she was referencing, I shook my head no.  "That missing dog.  He was found!"

After being lost for 14 days, the prodigal dog has returned -- right in time for Christmas, nonetheless.  And our whole town, from Wal-Mart cashiers and beyond, rejoices.


  1. This makes my heart so happy. Small town America, for all its problems, also can be so endearing sometimes.


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