We Shouldn't Wait Until They're Leaving

A woman who works in my department is leaving her position and starting a new job next week.  This woman is stellar.  With work, she's helpful and competent.  Socially, she's kind and gracious.  Personally, she's remarkably classy, from how she dresses (always stylish) to how she speaks (her voice is like velvet.)

I've always thought these things about her, and now that she's leaving, I made a point to tell her.  Which is good, but only kind of good.

Wouldn't it be better if we offered our compliments to others right as we think them, rather than holding onto those compliments until the perfect time?  It's like winking at someone in the dark: you know how you feel about them, but they don't.

I'd rather let them know up front -- before they're leaving.

So that's why I paused while writing this post to walk down the hallway and tell a colleague that the presentation he gave yesterday was excellent.  Why wait?  Why hold out doing and saying good when it can be done now?

Now is better.  Don't wait until they're leaving.

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