We've Got a New Look!

My dear readers!  I'm delighted to unveil the new design for my blog!  If you've been reading for a while on either your desktop computer or mobile devices, you'll notice changes immediately: an updated header, streamlined social media buttons, a sleeker layout, and more accessible share buttons.

I hope it makes your interactions on Robin Kramer Writes even better.

Plus, I now can do slick formatting like this:
Look!  These sentences must be important.  We know because they're written in blockquote, and only important ideas go in blockquote.
I won't let the blockquoting power go to my head.  Pinky promise.

I'd like to thank Corinne at The Blog Decorator for her remarkable assistance in this revamped design.  If you write a blog or run a website, I highly recommend her services.  At the risk of using too many superlatives in one sentence, I have been -- and will forever remain -- remarkably pleased with her exceptional professionalism, promptness, thoroughness, and warmth.

As always, thanks for joining me here!  Until next time...

- Robin


  1. Robin! I absolutely LOVE your new look!

    So very clean and it really makes your images stand out.

    Awesome! Congrats!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I'm so pleased with how it looks. It's crisp and has plenty of white space. So glad you like it!


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