Sometimes Spring Comes to You

Our family is back to our regular routine after last week's Spring Break, and I'm already thanking my past-tense self for diligently pushing through my grading despite the temptation to slack off.  Let me tell you, if felt good to walk into my classrooms this morning, pass back assignments, and leave with a much lighter bag on my shoulder.

Good job, past-tense Robin.  You persevered, and now your  present-tense self is reaping the reward.  (I'd high five myself in celebration, but that would be even odder than splitting myself into tenses.)

But that's not what I want to tell you today.  Today, I wanted to tell you how spring came to visit in the middle of the week.  Yes, on Wednesday, which happened to be my 38th birthday, the temperature rose to a gorgeous 75 degrees and central Pennsylvania saw the finest, most refreshing, most glorious, bluest-skied, calmest-breezed, happiest March day that it likely ever has seen.

It was the kind of day that makes you thankful to be alive.  It was the kind of day that reinvigorates your will to be a productive, energetic, and good-natured human being.  It was the kind of day that makes you think, especially if it's your birthday, that God must be very fond of you, indeed.

Sometimes Spring Break comes and goes and you simply stay at home, grading for hours and living normal life.  But, on a special day, sometimes spring goes out of its way to come directly to you, just to say hello.

Image compliments of Doug Chapman.

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