Easy Christmas Decorating. (Don't toss those Christmas cards prematurely!)

I have a confession: I didn't send Christmas cards this year.  Somehow, this annual festive task fell through the cracks.  Now that I've reached Christmas Eve Eve Eve (that's fancy talk for December 22nd), I've accepted that I won't be sending cards in the mail

With my conscience pricked on this topic, I've actually been contemplating Christmas cards quite a bit.  (Friends and family, we still love you!)  I enjoy seeing pictures of growing families and reading greetings from old friends.  Plus, some cards are so lovely that it would be a shame to throw them away.

So, don't throw them away.  If you receive a beautiful card, consider decorating with it for Christmas.

Over the years, I've slipped a few nice Christmas cards into frames that already are on display around the house.  Friends, this is ninja decorating at its finest.  The cards can stay in the frames all year long; I simply shuffle them to the front (and the regular pictures to the back) during the month of December.

Of course, many of the Christmas cards you receive likely are printed pictures of the sender's family and children.  I'd avoid framing those to prevent uncomfortable moments during Christmas gatherings: "Um, can you please explain why you've framed a picture of my family on your powder room wall?"

That's just awkward.

Instead, opt for the regular greeting cards, which you might even purchase yourself once they've been reduced for holiday clearance.  This snowscape greeting card, for example, will grace my Christmas decorating next year.

Merry Christmas -- and, of course, happy decorating!  (As for me and my own Christmas card distribution practices, there's always next year...)

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