Why, I'd Never Have Stickers... (#TransparentTuesday)

A few months ago I noticed a car in a parking lot.  One of its back windows was covered with stickers, an inside job perpetrated by some child who clearly never wanted to have a direct view of any scenery.

In that moment, I silently congratulated myself on the status of my minivan.  I really did.  Our van certainly wasn't clean, but come on, it wasn't wallpapered from the inside with stickers.  Have some pride, people.  Stickers just don't go on car windows.  Not on my watch, at least.

I entirely forgot about that car in the parking lot until yesterday when I searched the back of my own van for a missing shoe and noticed something.  Ahem.

I was right.  Stickers don't go on van windows.  They're meant for the back of the passenger's seat.

#TransparentTuesday.  Life is real, my dear friends.  Let's not believe otherwise.


  1. Oh my goodness! My youngest does this all the time. Stickers drive me CRAZY! Although very recently it was a roll of stamps. I could have cried. It was an expensive art "project".

    Thanks for sharing this taste of reality.

    1. I roll of stamps? Say it isn't so!! AAAUGHHH!

      At that price, you might want to frame that piece of artwork...

    2. LOL - I tried to salvage them (unsuccessfully). I should have framed it! What was I thinking?!


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