Bringing the Inside Outside

Last week my husband surprised me with a new piece of patio furniture that he found on end-of-season clearance: an outdoor couch.

Can I tell you that I already love everything about this?  In these final days of October warmth, I've made it my go-to location for reading student papers, which is a nice reprieve from the kitchen table or the desk in my campus office.  It's become the place where Joel and I steal minutes before dinner to catch up on our days before he heads back to campus for the evening. 

It also invites an afternoon nap, don't you think?  I'm waiting to make this reality one day when nothing else demands my attention (whenever that day might come).

It's amazing how something so simple -- a couch placed in a location where a couch typically isn't found -- can bring such pleasure. 

Inside has moved outside, and it's good.

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