Bring New Dimension to Your Bookshelves

Stationed in the corner of our family room is a tall black bookshelf that's sturdy, functional, and spacious enough to store a portion of our books.  We've owned it the bookshelf for years, but this summer I began to regard it curiously.  Could something simple be done to elevate the shelves from standard to stand-out

Could I somehow brighten the black background and help the horizontal lines pop?  Could I complete a project that would prompt me to take a Pinterest-worthy close-up picture where I highlighted a few books and one prominently angled metallic initial?

Why, yes.  Yes I could. 

And it all started by unscrewing thirty screws to remove the back panel of the bookshelf and measuring the panel's length and width.  While wallpaper or a few coats of paint in fun accent color would be excellent ways to amp up a bookshelf's interior, I opted to buy a yard of fabric in a subtle geographic print to serve as my backdrop.

If you choose to use fabric, I recommend ironing the fabric with starch first.  Perhaps you're more adultlike than I am and regularly use starch while you iron, but as a non-adultish adult, I rarely iron and I've never used starch.  This was a necessary DIY leap, and it paid off with crisp fabric that was easy to handle.

With all of my supplies gathered and prepped, I first used binder clips to secure the fabric in place tautly.

Once the fabric was perfectly aligned, I then applied a thin line of hot glue to adhere the fabric to the panel.

It's that simple, my friends.  After letting the glue dry, it was time to remove the binder clips, screw the thirty screws back into place, shimmy the bookshelf back into its corner, and admire my work.

Instead of looking overwhelmingly dark and heavy, the bookshelf now has new dimension.  Three cheers for brighter backdrops!  (And, surprisingly, three cheers for starch.  It's good to be a grown-up sometimes.)

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  1. Robin looks great what a wonderful idea. I want to pick up my initial now and redo my bookcase lol! Thanks for idea pinning :)

    1. I love our little "K" initial. I found it at a craft store (it originally was purple) and spray painted it brushed nickel. Spray paint is sort of like duct tape. It's the answer to most every problem.

      Glad that you liked the bookshelf!


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