While They've Slept

I think of the times when I've watched my children while they've slept.  No matter what transpired during the day -- whether tears, or arguments with siblings, or the accidental branding of my favorite lounge chair's seat cushion with the end of a hot hairdryer -- I love to watch them sleep.

I don't think this is incidental, this love that wells up in a parent's heart regardless of a child's behavior or performance.  I think about one description of God's character, how he quiets us with his love, how he rejoices over us with singing.

If I, an imperfect human parent, watch over my children with love, how much more does God, my heavenly Father, lavish me with love?

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1 comment

  1. Hi Robin! What a beautiful, relatable reflection on the love of God. I remember watching my children sleep too...it always amazed me that they could be that quiet!
    But what love I felt for them! And to know that's only a shadow of the love God has for me and for them. It's overwhelming to think about, isn't it?


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