The Cure for Anything

Typical to the season, these summer days already are a paradox in how they're passing both slowly and quickly.  Two days after school finished, we drove to the shore for our annual beach week with my husband's family.

There's so much crammed into the week away.  The kids plan epic water balloon fights with their cousins, we paddle board in the bay and boogie board in the ocean, we crab on the pier, we play Yahtzee on the back patio late at night, and we track ungodly amounts of sand into our vehicles and temporary house for the week.

I plow through a gorgeous stack of books, I eat more than necessary, and I enjoy every bite.  We collect clam shells in the surf, we use up multiple bottles of sunscreen, and we spend one night at Funland on the Rehoboth boardwalk where my children play skeeball and win remarkably unattractive stuffed animals that they instantly love and I instantly plot their disappearance.

My children, who pendulum between the extremes of being intensely wired and then overwhelmingly tired from such expenditure of physical and emotional energy, periodically have meltdowns about things they shouldn't have meltdowns about -- like me not capitulating to a request to feed them ice cream both before and after dinner. 

Consequently, I periodically have a meltdown about things that I shouldn't have meltdowns about, like my kids requesting that I feed them ice cream both before and after dinner.

This is all par for the course during a vacation, I remind myself.  A little saltwater -- whether sweat, tears, or the sea -- do manage to cure all the temporary woes.

Now we're back home acclimating to summer.  Joel returned to work, and given that I'm not teaching summer classes, I'm settling into a new (loose) routine where the girls bounce back and forth between our house and the neighbors' each day and piles of kids' flip flops get kicked off at the front door when they take a popsicle break.

And just like that, the days pass both slowly and quickly.

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  1. Lovely my friend.

    I love hearing about annual excursions like this. We're in the prairies and my girls are always talking about going to the beach (they've never been). Our lakes are horrid here but there's a nice shallow river that has beaches along it that many people say is the best spot to take little kids for "beach" trips - so we might venture there.

    Ice cream before and after dinner... why not?! lol

    I love hearing how you've slipped into summer. I hope it's a wonderful one for you.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. Jennifer! I hope you can venture to your shallow river "beaches" sometime this summer. The magic will still be there for your girls. :) Hope your summer has been wonderful for you, as well!

  2. Ah.. summer is such a wonderful time! Its great that you reflect on your feelings (like meltdowns), helps gain a perspective. Loved the saltwater quote :)

    1. I loved that saltwater quote, too. There's great truth behind it!


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