Spring Break Felt Like Summer

This is an obligatory picture of my sandy feet on a beach to show you that last week, after driving from Pennsylvania to Florida where my parents are snowbirding, my family reached our Spring Break destination.

At four years old, my youngest daughter struggled to grasp how we jumped from winter into summer when we haven't yet experienced spring.  And there's the magic: you can (and we did) experience a 70 degree temperature shift in two days.

We just had to drive south for a mere nineteen hours to achieve it.

Florida is a different world than Pennsylvania.  When my husband and I went out on our morning runs, I was on the lookout for alligators instead of black ice on the running path.  When my children played, they made forts by shoveling sand instead of shoveling snow.

We breathed the scents of salty ocean air and coconut sunscreen.  We saw actual grass.  We tasted fresh mango and remembered what sunshine feels like on exposed skin.

Regardless of the many differences between the two locations, I should note that even while in Florida, my family retains its characteristic inability to capture a picture with everyone looking at the camera, just like when we're in Pennsylvania.

Some things cannot be changed.

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  1. We just went to Florida to visit my snowbirding parents from Indiana. Very similar experience! Visiting from the KBN :)


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