Glass Gems + Nail Polish = Kid-Friendly Refrigerator Magnets

If I were to chronicle this winter season in a journal, this would be today's brief and desperate entry: Day 75 of winter -- I forget what grass looks like.

We're worn thin with indoor activities.  My girls have colored, painted, Play-Dohed, puzzled, and board-gamed themselves into the ground.  Still, winter hasn't let up, and we need fresh activities to keep ourselves occupied during the long hours indoors.  If you're in a similar situation, let me share a craft that should occupy your kids for an hour or two.

First, buy a pack of mosaic glass gems at a craft store.

Second, sort through your old nail polishes.  Consider this a fabulous opportunity to purge any polish that's on the verge of clumping.

Third, lay down paper to protect your work surface and let your children paint the flat side of the gems.  Be creative with your approaches -- layer sparkly shades underneath opaque colors.  Use a Sharpie marker to draw designs before covering the gems with paint.

Finally, let your gems dry and then glue a magnet to the back.  (As you can see, we've made just a few recently.)

My children call them "dragon eyes."  I use them to hang copious amounts of kid artwork on our refrigerator because, as I've mentioned, this winter hasn't released us from its clutches yet.  These kids of mine have cranked out coloring pages like it's their job.

If you're feeling stuck inside, give these kid-friendly refrigerator magnets a shot.  Enjoy!

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  1. Great idea, they did a wonderful job

    1. Maura, so glad that you and your kids enjoyed the project. Thanks for sharing!


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