Short and Sweet: We Could Have Picked a Shorter Name

Practical reflections from a mother approaching Valentine's Day in 100 or fewer words:

Never once have I regretted the names we selected for our three children.  Notwithstanding my obvious bias, I'm entirely convinced that my husband and I did a smashing job with this task.  We're top-notch, grade-A, highly skilled child namers. 

That being said, today would be a good day to mention that selecting a ten-letter name for your kid has its drawbacks when that child is four and needs to print her name repeatedly on valentines.

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  1. Ha! I wanted to name our first daughter Stephanie Elizabeth. One of my husband's primary arguments against it was that it was too long. 29 letters total including our last name!

    1. Whew: 29 letters is a doozey! She dodged a bullet there!

  2. Both of my girls have short names; Grace and Hope. I hated that I was Jennifer Marie-Anne Simone (insert mother's voice yelling that when she's angry). It was waaaaaaaay too long!

    Funny though, I never did like Jen and stuck to Jennifer.


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