In Sickness and in Health (and in Sickness Again)

My winter break from teaching has been surprisingly symmetrical.  I spent the first portion of break terribly sick and unable to complete the holiday preparations that I wanted to complete.  After a brief surge of good health right around Christmas, I find myself once again terribly sick and unable to complete the semester preparations that I need to complete -- at least, not with a great deal of mental clarity.

Last night while coughing through the dark stretches of night, I vacillated between extremes: convincing myself that I probably need to be hospitalized, and telling myself to suck it up because it's just a bad cold, not like I've been stranded in a raft on the open sea for weeks, captured, and then tortured as a prisoner of war.

Not surprisingly, neither of these lines of reasoning are very productive at two in the morning.

In good news, based on how my abs feel, I'm pretty sure that my consistent coughing is substituting for some killer core workouts.  Plus, when my husband came home with a shopping bag and said, "I've got a little something for you," I was almost just as happy to see him pull out two bottles of NyQuil as I would have been to see chocolate.  (Note that I said almost.  I can't really taste food, but I'd still eat chocolate.  If only they could get NyQuil to taste like chocolate... actually, that would still be disgusting.  Getting Nyquil to not have any taste would be a victory.) 

I digress.  It's the meds speaking now.

Come 8:00 a.m. Monday morning, I'll be standing in front of my first class and distributing photocopies of the syllabus that's still in draft form today.  My hair will be fixed and I'll be wearing professional clothes, lipstick, and mascara instead of my current daily uniform that's comprised of long sleeved tee shirts, yoga pants, and slippers.

I'll get there.  Whether in sickness or in health, I'll get there.

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  1. So sorry, Robin! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Awwww, what a rough winter break. You need a break from your break. If I lived near you I would come over with some hot chicken noodle soup, a pair of fuzzy warm socks, and a mask (for me).

    Wishing you healing my friend. God healing... not NyQuil healing.

    1. I'd love if you'd live near me -- and not just based on this promise of some hot chicken noodle soup and warm socks! Thanks for your prayers, Jennifer. They're much appreciated!

  3. I'm so sorry you're ill again! I am down with bronchitis. Is winter almost over?!

    1. You're down with bronchitis? Say it isn't so!! Sorry to hear that you're sick. Let's both resolve to get well, eh?


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