Don't Skip Thanksgiving on the Way to Christmas

It's snowing here.  Really snowing.  To put matters in perspective, two days ago I cut the grass one final time on an unusually temperate 60 degree November day, and today my children are bundled in their snow suits and already have dragged the sleds from the garage.

Meanwhile, I'm inside preparing for Thanksgiving -- cleaning, checking recipes, and making one final grocery list.  I've been determined to celebrate Thanksgiving before mentally jumping ahead to Christmas.  Hold off on Christmas decorating.  Refrain from Christmas carols.  Just wait. 

I caution myself on premature holiday festivity.  I don't want to shoot until I can see the white of Christmas' eyes.

But this snow!  I know it threatens Thanksgiving travels across the northeastern states (please be safe, travelers), but at this very moment I'm inside and have nowhere to go.  It's an invitation to stay put, hunker down, and cozy up.

And, for me, it's the absolute tipping point that's pushing me over the edge past a Thanksgiving mentality toward Christmas cheer.

Hot cocoa and garland and twinkling lights and Christmas specials on TV?  Game on.

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  1. Have a safe and happy holiday season. This is the first year I've started Christmas things before Thanksgiving in hopes of stressingless about everything that has to be done.

    1. Stressing less is a wonderful goal, and props to you for planning in advance for Christmas, Angela!

  2. We have a heavy snowfall warning in effect for tonight all the way through to Friday. However, being that we celebrated Thanksgiving in October we can totally and completely bring on Christmas!

    Happy Thanksgiving friend. Wishing you blessings and love.

    1. Thanks so much for the Thanksgiving greetings -- it was a wonderful, wonderful break and time with family! Hope you've dug out from your hefty snow!

  3. I agree, I always tend to rush to the next holiday or the next event, rather than just enjoying the present time!! You got me thinking... slow down:) Thanks!


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