October comes to an end. The chocolate consumption begins.

Thoughts on the end of October and Halloween, stream of conscious style:

Recently I've been lamenting the fact that we don't keep nearly enough chocolate in our house at any given time.  Last night was our community's trick or treating, which has turned my mourning on this issue into songs of rejoicing.

Each year while buying Halloween candy, I vacillate between two distinct approaches.  Dare I buy candy I really like so I can splurge in the case of leftovers, or do I play it safe and buy something that nobody wants, like Mallo Cups or Necco Wafers or root beer flavored Dum Dums so there's no aftermath of temptation?  Of course, within seconds I realize that this is a non-issue entirely -- I'm going for the good stuff.

I admire a child who systematically plans her Halloween route in advance to trick or treating.  On paper.  Drawn mostly to scale.  With a back-up plan in case of detours.

A few days ago my six-year-old suggested that if I wanted a costume, I could dress up as a mommy.  In appreciation of her simplicity, I replied, "That's perfect; I love the idea of just being myself." She looked at me oddly and added, "Well, you'd still have to wrap yourself in toilet paper."  

Mommy. Mummy.  Further evidence that one vowel makes a significant difference.

And on that note, let the pillaging of my children's candy begin!  (Don't judge.  I'm sure that you do it, too.  It's a parenting right of passage.)

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  1. From Day 1, we have always pooled the kids' Halloween candy into one giant bowl for the entire family's consumption. Everyone works hard for the good of the FAMILY. Now that my kids are older, they call it the Communistic Halloween Candy Bowl, but whatever, it works and Momma gets all the KitKat's she wants!

    1. This comment has the potential to be taken out of context entirely (especially if I'd ever run for political office), but when you put matters like this we can see some exceptional benefits to communism. ;)

  2. Too cute!! I bought 12 bags of candy- yes 12. I found a SUPER deal a few weeks agol!! And guess what?

    We had only THREE bags left to give away.

    It's all my husband's fault.

    I swear.

    I am only responsible for three of those bags. He ate the rest.

    Three isn't to bad, right?


    1. No, three isn't too bad! :)

      I did something similar last year, Chris, and we had to buy more candy before trick or treating since. This year I showed more restraint (or just demonstrated more procrastination) in that I waited until the day before Halloween to buy the candy. :) It worked!

  3. Ha! Awesome!

    We usually buy rockets or something like that. If we didn't we would have our leftovers AND all the kid's candy.

    Ooops, did I say ALL the kid's candy? I meant some. Of course I meant some. *maniacal laugh*.

    Question... what's your favourite treat that you go for first?! You have mine pictured... there's something about the small KitKats.

    Wishing you a blessed day.

    1. I'm manically laughing right along with you. ;)

      I go for Butterfingers, and Heath Bars, and Kit Kats, and then Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. (I have a long list, apparently.)


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