What Do I Expect From This Day?

I can't exactly pinpoint what I expected from today, but at some point late this afternoon I realized that those expectations -- whatever they were -- weren't being met.

We had the day off for a for a nominal holiday, but there wasn't a picnic or any sort of gathering.  It rained when we visited a park in the morning, and it rained again when we visited the pool during its last open afternoon of the season.  We ran errands, but I forgot to pick up milk.  I wore exercise clothes, but I never managed to work out.  The girls flopped around, listless, and I started to prepare dinner.

It was at that moment while chopping zucchini that I recognized my choice on this very average, very nondescript day. 

This is the day that the Lord has made.  This is the day!  I could accept this to be true, or I could continue wallowing in my vaguely discontented feelings of meh.

It matters little that the day was unremarkable and bland, or that the rain interrupted our amusement, or that I didn't accomplish much.  On this day -- like every day -- I am noticed and loved by God, who has placed breath in my lungs, who has given me a purpose.

Let me tell you, I chopped that zucchini with more enthusiasm after this perspective shift.

What do I expect from this average day?  Nothing less than communing with the creator of the universe.

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