Falling Into Fall

Although we didn't have an exceptionally hot summer, the humidity spiked during our first two weeks back to school.  Within minutes of venturing outside, I could feel my hair frizz as the air enveloped me, thick and muggy.

Then we reached this week, our third week of the school routine, and something in the atmosphere changed.  As we acclimated to our new schedules, the weather seemed to acclimate to its new season.  The humidity broke, ushering in the most comfortable afternoons.  Mornings and evenings now carry a hint of chill.

When the girls return home from school, we visit our garden (zucchinis and jalapenos and raspberries just keep coming!) and we walk through the yard.  Our fall landscaping is different than other times of the year.  Late summer's growth explodes, wild and large, to fill open spaces with deeper colors.


As we walk, we pause to inspect milkweed and look for caterpillars, keeping track of their location so we can find any future chrysalises.

It's during these moments when I remember to delight in the fact that we're falling into fall.  Our schedules may be gearing up with workloads and activities, but there's still opportunity to slow down -- to regard the gardens, to appreciate the harvest, to be thankful for the cool September breeze.

No, I don't mind falling into fall at all.

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  1. I love fall. It's my favourite season.

    There is a stability and a slowness to it. Although it starts out with a flurry of activity, there's a steady pace and a comfort in the cooler temperatures and warm beverages.

    Beautiful pictures Robin. Your garden is simply outstanding!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    1. Gosh, fall is my favorite season, too. I love everything about it -- the colors, the tastes, the coziness, the crispness.

      I should note that spring is also my favorite season because it's so intensely healing and life-giving to finally end winter. Can I have two favorite seasons?

  2. Stunningly beautiful pictures.

  3. Hi Robin! It looks so lush in your photos! It's inching toward fall here, nothing like the colors I see here. I really love fall. The colors, the weather, a sense of change...it's all on parade for the next month or so.
    Our garden is tapped out, I'm a wee bit jealous of yours! And what an incredible shot of that caterpillar! I jumped a little in my chair when I saw it. Wow!!
    Sunday blessings,

    1. Glad that you like the pictures of the garden, Ceil. I imagine that the close-up image the caterpillar could be a little squeamishness-inducing! :)


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