Home Improvement: Brightening the Bathroom

Have you ever noticed that the average towel bar holds exactly one-and-a-half folded towels?  Not two.  Certainly not three. 

With three kids, we always had to drape one towel high over the shower rod or hang it from the doorknob after baths.  No more, my friends.  Recently I brightened the bathroom with a fresh coat of paint, a new shower curtain, a DIY wall decoration (more on this later this week), and -- here's the best part -- hooks instead of a standard towel bar.

Those hooks!  Not only do they hold plenty of towels, but even my youngest child can hang her towel properly, which had been challenging for her with a towel bar.

And there you have it: an easy and functional solution for any bathroom!

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  1. I LOVE what you did in this room, Robin. It looks amazing. And hooks! What a great solution to a common problem.

    1. So glad that you like the room, Susan! (Now I just need to muster up courage to one day re-finish my cabinets like you've done!)

  2. I love the pop of orange in the bathroom!

    I have been wanting to hang hooks in the bathroom for such a long time. I should just "sew the monkey's arm back on" and get with the program... it would save me from picking wet towels up off of the floor!

    Thanks for sharing your projects!

    I'm loving this!

    1. This was TOTALLY a "sew-that-monkey's-arm-back-on" type of project! I had the gallon of paint for nearly three months before taking the plunge. Well worth the wait, though!

      So glad you're enjoying DIY week! :)

  3. I can't believe I never stopped to think about this idea!!!! Great share xo

  4. Just love the way you improved your bathroom. It's nicely done. I like the cloth hooking system. I will adapt this same hooking technique in my bathroom as well.


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